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Welcome to the home of the "SCOTTISH EAST COAST MAINLINE"
"Add on" route for DoveTail Games TS-2015 formally known as RAILWORKS

Based on the real-world route will take you across the East coast of Scotland on the UK’s most scenic rail journey. As the crow flies, this route is around 80 miles in length but once you have taken into account the twists and turns the whole route is around 120 miles.
© MullySoft Productions in association with Just Trains
NOTE:- The route is loosely based on the year 2006 - 2007 when GNER operating company lost the government franchise and was just taken over from National Express.
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New.. Vids on YouTube..

Out with my new Camcorder.. research research research!  "Virgin on the Tay.." "Class 170s".. and my old research back in 2009 using my Mobile "Class 43's NX in 2009".. Click on the relevant pic and view them in High Definition!!

Virgin on the Tay..

Class 170's..

Class 43's NX in 2009..


New Scenario.. Class 91 "For the Fallen"..

Your first shift duty today driver is to take the Class 91 1SD6  07:00hr service from London Kings X to Edinburgh. Your first leg is to Peterborough arrival at 07:46hrs but.. expect delays! Click on pic for more info and Download!!

The Golf Growler Part Two..

Added 23rd Mar '15..  Click here!
After the success of the charter 3 years earlier (A Green Past the Greens), once again this golfer's charter special has been arranged, this time following the local lady golfers at the Ladies' British Open Championship, held at Royal Birkdale. Although again requested this time the green Class 40 D200 used before is not available, but a pair of newly refurbished Highland Class 37s will fill the gap very nicely thank you.
Starting as you are just entering Dundee, make your stop before proceeding to the end of this section. Go as soon as you have a signal, one further stop is to be made at Leuchars before then running through to Dalmeny, where an Eastfield driver will be waiting. Part 3 will take you through onto the Edinburgh Glasgow route, where a surprise choice of pathing awaits! Maximum speed 80mph for this working. Total time around 90 minutes.


UK Rail News..

Class 91 111 "For the Fallen" to be preserved at the..
"National Railway Museum

From Paul Gentleman:- "Following recommendation by the Railway Heritage Designation Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees’ of the Science Museum have designated the locomotive 91 111, its nameplates and the vinyl wrap. As far as we can see, this is the first time a livery has been designated and ensures its presence on the rail network for many years to come. Once its working life comes to an end, it will then become part of the National Collection and hopefully displayed at the National Rail Museum, York" (22nd Mar '15)

Congratulations to Paul Gentleman and Caroline Black for all their hard work on the project and recent announcement of their engagement.
Regards Mully.

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Class 91 111 "For the Fallen"..
Edinburgh 16th Dec '14 memorial event..

The specially-designed East Coast locomotive number 91 111, named ‘For The Fallen’, carries a livery filled with images, stories and tributes to regiments and people who served in them across the East Coast route.
A commemoration of Edinburgh’s own heroes of the First World War has taken place at Waverley Station. The memorial event was in front of East Coast’s locomotive 91111 ‘For The Fallen’, which included a livery filled with images, stories and tributes to regiments along the East Coast route and the people who served in them during the First World War.
The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots was raised by Sir George McCrae, a self made businessman and prominent political figure in Edinburgh, who was also a director of Heart of Midlothian Football Club – ‘Hearts’ to football fans in Scotland’s capital city. McCrae realised that if he could get players to join his battalion, supporters would join to serve alongside their sporting heroes.
Read more Courtesy The British Army (Facebook)

Pic Courtesy Geoffrey Griffiths


FORTH BRIDGE NetworkRail 360° Views..

If you have the "SCOTTISH EAST COAST MAINLINE" addon route and would like to see what it looks like in real life.. or one day you would like to be there just to go to the top of the eighth wonder of he world and tick that Bucket list..
Just click on the below pic!
The new Forth road bridge, the The Queensferry Crossing is now almost built!!!
To see that from the live webcams Click here
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